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A New Year Arises

To all who read this, I wish you had a happy Christmas and enjoyed time off! Currently writing, it is around 4:30PM on NYE and I am working on the website and the business. I don't have any plans for NYE :( but in my eyes, the new year is a chance for EVERYONE to achieve their goals, whatever it may be. 

A part of me sees the celebration of New Year as an excuse for people to have another chance, but in reality, you have to take advantage of the year, live it and run your decisions for the year. Never slack, go get what you want. The 1st of January can be a new chance but how many people actually follow through their dreams and ambitions? 

If you ask me what are my goals; I have so many! It is unlimited and a person's only restriction lies within their mind. I first, hope, second, WILL make the business bigger, grow it and nurture it, let it blossom and like a flower, let it grow in peace but I NEED to put care and effort into it. Actions are the difference between people who make it and people who dream of it. 

Enough 'inspo'. 

At the moment, I have reduced all boxes by 50% so check our boxes now and save money today. I am planning on changing the boxes soon and I am also working with local charities to donate unsold stock where it can be used better elsewhere. 

I received an order from Cornwall a few weeks back, and it hit me! My business and brand is slowly expanding and is gaining recognition to the furthest corners of the land. I hope for more people to try Atlas's Box out and see how we can save you money and time as well reduce food waste one box at a time. You will also learn how the Best Before dates on food isn't as a big deal as people think! 

We can save you over £240 A YEAR when comparing ourselves to the major retailers on RRP. 


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