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First Month In

It has been a month since the business went live. It has been a stressful month and isn't all perfect. There have been many lessons and experiences that came my way. Right now, it is all me, a one-man team doing the marketing, accounting, ordering, website maintenance, delivery, social media management and more. It has been a whirlwind of lessons and times. 

Sales have been slow and slower than I thought to which I have asked myself whether or not this is a good idea. However, I still strive and persevere, as I have faith in the product, faith in myself to do well, and I see it's potential. It's just early days, that's all. 

I will continue, to help you, the customer, but also as valued members of my network, as I am working for you, I hope to save you money, time, and help you reduce a stress in today's world. If you have any query or any tips for myself, you can email me by looking at our addresses on our 'Contact' page. 

As always, to all of you, this blog is a personal touch, so you can see how the regular student is coping in today's world, how he is running a business, while at university, whilst working, and many more duties. I hope to connect and know you all as possible! 


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