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Day One:

Currently speaking, it is now a day or two before I go live and online. It has been a stressful yet unravelling experience for myself. I genuinely think the concept is good and I hope people who read this see the similar vision I am trying to convey in reality. Cheaper food, time-saving and less food waste are my main USPs. 

I have spent a lot of time finding new stock for the public, and I believe in the product and hope you do too. 

I am a 20 year old student from the West Midlands and I have started this business to help people, and help people reduce a stress in peoples' lives. I hope to anyone reading this, be it students who may struggle with finances or even households trying to cut bills and expenses; I hope I can help you and provide you an alternative way to eat as well learn the differences from Use-By dates and Best Before dates. 


Eat Different 



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