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So yeah, I keep procrastinating. Asides Atlas's Box, I work for a leading supermarket, where I learned a lot about the waste in food and drinks, and showed me a tunnel if you wish, to capitalise upon this and help Atlas's Box grow. I also am at university, as I study BSc International Business and Economics, so I have good knowledge of the areas needed for a business (more or less, paying £9,000 a year anyway), but reality and the classroom are different things. 

As stressful the business is, I still am happy that I chose this path as I was 19 years old when I founded Atlas's Box, working part-time, as well as studying full-time, in addition to menial tasks and other stuff, like food and gym. 

I am not happy entirely with the way I have run things, and *wish* I worked harder or did some stuff differently, but this is the reality of running your own business. I need to be tougher on myself, and create a tough discipline to excel as a person as well as the business. 

Looking forward, I have changed our style of boxes, for example our 'Start The Day Right' box is ideal for breakfasts where it is packed full of cereals, teas and more. Our 'Sweet Box' is full of scrumptious sweets and snacks to be eaten wherever and whenever. Check them out by clicking this word

Our boxes range from £20-£25 with FREE DELIVERY, making it ideal for everyone.

What are we trying to achieve at Atlas's Box?

To reduce food waste one box at a time, to reduce a monetary stress in our daily lives, to save the people time spent on food shopping, and to save the people money as food is a variable cost, and everyone should be able to afford to eat, as well as few luxuries. 

Be sure to check our products, our blog posts, and our social media links to learn more about how WE will change the way people see food and drinks in this day and age. 

Never Stopping.

The below picture, is of Atlas's Box being represented at a showcase exhibition at Millennium Point, Birmingham. I demonstrated what I do, with samples of food that is past their Best Before dates, but only mentioned so, after eating or drinking the products. Each and every single person who tried it stated the food tasted as fresh and normal, and was even more surprised the fact it was past their Best Before date. I aim to try and remove the stigmas around it, and hope people will become more aware with the food and drink they eat on a daily basis. 


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