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It's been a while

Hey everyone. 

It's been a while since I have updated the blog, as well as the website. I am currently working on ways to market the idea, as the business is slow at the moment. I am planning on changes to the actual website as well, and hopefully, by the New Year, Atlas's Box will have a new look, a more interactive and fun way to order and see what I am doing. 

I have recently worked alongside local charities and food banks to donate unsold stock; such as FoodCycle in Aston/Sutton Coldfield and Good Shepherd Ministry in Wolverhampton. I will share photos soon, but you can visit us at a social media pages here;




Since my last post, I have been working on my own personal development where I have been attending local events to find new connections, as well as learn knowledge and skills such as social media and marketing workshops. I WILL be better, and Atlas's Box will grow. I am just adapting to the market environment, and I listen and observe and take that on board and pivot, rather than leave. 

I have no plans whatsoever on stopping, and I will definitely carry on, and be better to where I am. 

If you are a new visitor, check my other blog posts out and you can learn more by visiting our 'About Us' page, to learn about what I do. 

Here is a picture of myself and Justin, the regional manager of Aston/Sutton Coldfield branch of FoodCycle. You can learn more about FoodCycle and what they do to help out the local people who may be in need; 

Good Shepard Ministry can be accessed to learn more about what great things they do in Wolverhampton for the homeless and others in need;



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