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Hey everyone, I have changed the website, as seen, obviously, you're on it right now! I have changed a few other aspects and have been working hard on the business, also keep in mind, I am at university, I also work, I procrastinate, and of course, I work on the business as much as possible, by myself. Hence the long delay in the social media, and the website. 

I have few other aspects to work on; for example, I am now working on smaller boxes, which are more affordable, jam-packed with quality items, and being cheaper, it allows you to try me out for a cheaper cost, and you can learn more about how we work; also I am working on the blog posts so you can see the brand in action and not just the products and boxes we sell, and learn more about the back story to the origins of Atlas's Box; I am also working with local charities in the form of donations but also plan to actually dig right in and do my part and give back to society. 

Of course, our aims are simple; we want to save the consumer money; we want to save the consumer time; we want to reduce a daily stress in our lives in the form of financial difficulties; and finally, we want to reduce food waste one box at a time

The below picture, is of Atlas's Box being represented at a showcase exhibition at Millennium Point, Birmingham. I demonstrated what I do, with samples of food that is past their Best Before dates, but only mentioned so, after eating or drinking the products. Each and every single person who tried it stated the food tasted as fresh and normal, and was even more surprised the fact it was past their Best Before date. I aim to try and remove the stigmas around it, and hope people will become more aware with the food and drink they eat on a daily basis. 

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