We are a fresh and exuberant enterprise based in the West Midlands, where we want to provide students but also households with food and drinks, all in a box. We are unique, as we are the only one in the market using near-dated, out-dated as well as in-dated items in our box and in this way, we are cheaper than the high street. 
Atlas is the Greek God of strength and resilience, and we believe everyone is strong and powerful. Atlas was punished and carried the skies as people today carry many stresses on their shoulders. We want to reduce a stress in peoples' lives. If we can help you, then we are doing something right.
'Best Before' and 'Use By' dates are different things which have different meanings. Best Before is a matter of quality and is a date where the manufacturer believes it should be consumed by. 'Use By' dates is a matter of safety, where foods and drinks should never be consumed when past the Use By date. 
According to the Food Standards Agency, the UK throws away 7.3mn tonnes of food every year where this may be valued of around £13bn. We are here to reduce food waste bit by bit. By purchasing the box, you will help reduce food waste, as well as saving costs and time as we do the shopping for you. 
Students, let alone anyone shouldn't have to worry about their diet and food; especially in the harsh system we live in with inflating food prices as well as student unemployment and weak support of Government funding. Several reports available online unravel the bleak truth of student lives where in one report, 41% of students surveyed have gone without food due to money concerns, and the rising costs have forced students to use food banks. 
We are here to help you save money, save time, reduce a stress while helping the environment


The video below can help you learn more about the misconceptions of Use By dates and Best Before dates.