-How does Atlas's Box work?

Atlas's Box produces hampers and boxes of your favourite household branded food and drinks, as well as items from local and small businesses. We guarantee to be cheaper than the High Street as we use both in-dated items, but also past their Best Before date. 

-Isn't selling items past their Best Before illegal or wrong? 

The Food Standards Agency claim that Best Before dates are to do with quality, and Use By dates are to do with safety. There are stigmas to it; people see that big retailers do not sell often dry foods past their Best Before, which makes people think, "if they're not selling it, there is a reason". We believe that due to being big retailers, they may wish to get the latest stock on the shelves. 

We only sell dry foods with a Best Before, and no fresh items with a Use By date. 

It is a legal obligation for manufacturers to print a date for the foods and drinks they produce. 

It isn't wrong, as really, all we are doing are showing people more about the food and drinks they consume. Our boxes are not full of past Best Before foods and drinks, there is a balance, and we believe in the product, and hope to save people money, save people time, reduce a financial worry, and reduce food waste one box at a time. 

-Where do you deliver to?

We only deliver to UK Mainland. All orders have free delivery :) 

-What foods and drinks do you have in your boxes?

Our boxes are full of different items, currently, we have three boxes with different themes. 'The Basics' has a range of items from sauces to cereals, drinks to quick meals. 'Start The Day Right' is full of our breakfast related items such as cereals and breakfast bars, to teas and drinks. Our 'Surreal Deal On Meals' is literally what it is called, it is full of cooking sauces and meal kits, to soup and quick meals. Our final box, 'Sweet Box', is full of biscuits and snacks, tinned fruit and juices. 

We try to change every month and have a varied box for every month, depending on how well we do. 

If you have any other questions or enquires, please don't hesitate to contact us, by following our details on the bottom of our page. 

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